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Suncoast Technical College is part of the School Board of Sarasota County and provides quality technical education to meet workforce development and community needs. The school offers learning experiences of specific industries to guide the students toward a promising and gainful career and personal satisfaction.

Scope of work:

Brand Voice, Communication, Imagery Styles, Naming, Visual Assets



Every year, Suncoast Technical College accepts new high school students to join its advanced courses specializing in specific industries to achieve career goals. In 2016, Suncoast wanted to give away special edition t-shirts to the newly accepted attendees representing the school itself and its career opportunities.


Multiple t-shirt and drawstring backpack concepts were developed, all representing the ambition, opportunity, and goals for its courses to build a career. In addition, a promotional hash-tag on Twitter was added to connect with other students who might be interested in the school and letting people know how Suncoast Technical College can be beneficial to career seekers.

Suncoast Technical College helps students achieve their goals and guides them toward a successful career, and along this the spirit and determination must be shown.


Martin Pohlmann

CEO, BrandFactory


The final designs were greatly admired by both staff and students. Accepted students proudly wear the t-shirts and use the draw-string bags in school, representing and promoting the school and making more people aware of the programs. The Twitter promotion was a success and many used it to share their accomplishments at Suncoast Technical College.

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