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Pay360 is a cloud banking solution based on a Prepaid MasterCard. As a first to the German market, this banking solution allows everything needed around payments ― from purchases to ATM withdraws, direct debit and card-to-card transfers. With an increasingly higher demand in quick and easy to use payment methods, Pay360 launched their prepaid card with hassle free set up and strong security. The card enables everyone to pay cashless all around th world, at no extra cost. Working closely together with our payment logistics partner, SimonSell, we sought to launch their payment tool exclusively in Germany.

Scope of work:

Brand Guidelines, Brand Voice, Communication, Content Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Imagery Styles, Naming, User Experience, Visual Assets, Visual Identity, Website Design



As a new and first company involved with prepaid MasterCards in Germany, Pay360 needed a strong and impacting identity and thought-through brand strategy. Along with it, a card needed to be designed that stands out in the wallet along with other competing payment methods and an effective visual representation in Pay360's advertising and promotion in print and on the web. User-friendly card set up and account accessibility were key, offering all this online with easy ways confirm identifications, transfer money, and manage account preferences.



A memorable identity was created along with effective brand strategies on how to represent the brand, reach out to consumers and having them use the card in everyday scenarios. With a luxurious and high quality brand tone and feeling in mind, the card, advertising, promotional material and the website were created with a consistent layout and design. At the same time, is should give out a friendly and human feeling, using strong photography and a wide spectrum of bright color schemes.

The goal was to create an effective visual identity that makes the card itself stand out in a wallet and ultimately gets chosen to be used for the transaction.


Martin Pohlmann

CEO, BrandFactory


With Pay360's strong visual language and strategy, the prepaid card with its effective execution is now a highly accepted payment method and travel companion in Germany. After a series of market researches, it was clear that the customers had no problem with setting up their cards, managing their accounts and from now on tend to use the Pay360 MasterCard over any other card in their wallets.

Before Pay360, prepaid credit cards looked boring and old-fashioned. Brand Factory did a tremendous job in converting a simple payment tool into a highly accepted travel companion.


Jörg Pohlmann

Pay360's Founder & CEO

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