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Mingyl is an social discovery app for iOS and Andriod, which gives users a fun and easy way to connect, follow and interact with other Instagram users nearby with common interests. Create a picture biography about yourself with our unique Mingyl Tags system, and connect with others with similar interests. Search through streams of profiles by setting your interests as the filter, and send users requests to make the connection.

Scope of work:

Brand Guidelines, Brand Voice, Communication, Content Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Imagery Styles, Naming, User Experience, Visual Assets, Visual Identity, Website Design



Mingyl reached out at the beginning of 2015 and asked for a whole re-design for their visual identity, advertising, website, user interface elements and print designs. The goal for them was to be recognized as a unique and fun company to attract younger people to use their app.


Mingyl's identity was updated to a very friendly and approachable tone and feeling. Their brand strategy was redirected in the way they advertise and reach out to users. With a colorful, clear and memorable representation, Mingyl started advertising in ways younger people would connect to and want to try out the new app.

Mingyl is coming straight from the heart of Miami, a cultural and social center, and the goal was to reflect this in Mingyl's identity and app, getting people to connect nearby.


Martin Pohlmann

CEO, BrandFactory


Mingyl experienced a rapid increase in app downloads and people using the app to connect with people. It became very popular during the 2015 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where the Mingyl party bus drove attendees to the location while promoting the app. Words spread fast and the social discovery app was used to connect, meet and share the experience with people around.

Our new identity is greatly improved and works perfectly to appeal to our target audience and promote our new app.


Jared DaSilva

Founder & CEO, Mingyl

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