In a factory, motors, axles and shafts interlock. Similarly at Brand Factory, the different principles of brand development come together.

Who we are



Brand Factory is a design agency, founded in 1995 in one of the world's largest harbors and industrial centers, Hamburg, Germany. We work with a wide range of companies, from local to international, specializing in visual communication and brand identities.

Before a brand enters a market, it must first go through the phases of product development, market research, name creation and brand positioning. Working in many different categories over the past twenty years, we have developed a wide range of proprietary procedures which help us and our clients deliver better results.

Our philosophy



Whether cornflakes or automobiles ― everyday goods leave lasting impressions; impressions that are reflected in their brand. A brand gives a product a unique character and image. A brand comes to life and evokes positive (or even negative) associations with the product.

We talk about "Our new Mercedes", "Our old Hoover", or "Our cool Levi's", and it is self-explanatory that we mean a car, a vacuum cleaner or a pair of jeans. A brand evolves and triggers feelings that are later recalled. These emotions meaningfully link the product to the brand, allowing us to differentiate and recognize it from others.

What we do



The increasing complexity of the client's business needs and the continuously changing market demand that various aspects and possibilities be considered for each project. Together with out proprietary techniques and tools, as well as early involvement of the consumer to gain valuable insights, we provide our clients with a wide range of recommendations.

Every client can be certain that any proposal we present has undergone our specially developed Four-R-Check (Reduction, Relevance, Revolution, Relation), making it a viable solution, not just an idea.

We strongly believe that a sound working relationship is built upon trust. We want to earn our client's trust. In doing so, we adapt to each clients individually and treat their business as of it were our very own.




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