A 875 year-old town gets a new face

Barmstedt is a small town in Northern Germany near Hamburg. It is well known for it's medieval history and now is a very modern city but preserves the history from long ago. Its many landmarks and sights makes it a popular tourist destination.

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In August 2015, Barmstedt celebrated its 875 year anniversary and asked for a gift they could give out to the residents to celebrate. They were searching for something that represents the town and its history, would make the people of Barmstedt proud and can be useful in everyday situations.


In collaboration with SimonSell AG, we developed a limited edition prepaid MasterCard with a unique design representing Barmstedt. The card offers many benefits and promotions in the town's stores and is the very first card in Germany having this concept. In addition, a contest was launched were a randomly picked resident who ordered the card wins 875 euro.

Having grown up and lived in Barmstedt myself, it was great giving back to the city and the people living in it and around the area, contributing to this special event.


Martin Pohlmann

CEO, BrandFactory


The gift for the residents of Barmstedt was greatly accepted. People ordered cards, shops participated in the celebration, promotional events were created and attended like marathons, entertainment and markets. The card was a success and people enjoyed their gift representing their home.

So far,  I know no other town that has their own card, and I think it's a beautiful present for the residents of Barmstedt and all the people who come to visit.


Heike Döpke

Mayor of Barmstedt

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